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I give you..


The look on this baby’s face says “come squeeze me, I dare you!” And dare to do it I will!

If you have a lot of glassware, this is the best way to incapacitate your baby short of like.. A starfish costume.

I can just imagine this baby being far too top-heavy and falling over so many times. HILARIOUS.

Remember when I said that other costume was a good way to incapacitate a baby? Well we have a new champion. Just hang him on the towel rack and peace for a bit.

Pictures stolen from Best Week Ever, but I do love babies.

Half Life: Full Life Consequences

This is the best video I have seen on Youtube in a long time and is probably within my top three videos. I was left a soggy pile of giggles by the end and even if you don’t understand it all, I hope the silly visuals and vibrant colors keep you distracted.

EDIT: Oh and a lot of the humor comes from the fact that the script was written by a child. ..Maybe I should have pointed that out.

Jean Jaques-Perrey- Brazilian Flower

So I just finished totally fuckin’ beasting some Puzzle Quest: Warlords. Aside from texting, calling, the calculator, the E-Z tip calculator, changing the background on my phone obsessively, reading my banner out loud to people, taking pictures of Bear the St. Bernard, and holding it in my hands without playing Puzzle Quest- Puzzle Quest is the most freakin’ dope thing to do on my phone.

I started out as this badass warrior named Havlock (because he “hav lockAM I RITE DOG) who totally reminds me of me with all of his muscles and red hair and barely functional language skills. As soon as you’ve picked your character, the game throws you right into combat- which as we all know, back in medieval times was carried out by solving spatial reasoning puzzles. I wondered how perhaps a wolf or an eagle might handle these puzzles, as the game at first forced me to fight these lesser enemies. I mean, eagles just have talons. Luckily, Havlock got to tackle some harder foes soon enough, from the most literal monsters ever: “Sandghost” and “Treeman,” to the Dark Fey who look like elves except, y’know.. “Dark” “Urban.”

In my Puzzle Quest heyday, (yesterday,) I would march around campus, slaying evil; even letting the Puzzle Quest music blare out of my phone’s tinny little speakers in the middle of the seven student lit class I would be in the middle of. (They’d still keep discussing the signifigance of Rousseau’s use of the word “nature,” god bless ‘em.)
By the end of the game, though, there’s no more puzzle left. It was a little disappointing that I could suddenly kill every wolf I came across with lightning haste. I guess it makes more sense than the beginning of the game where my warrior had to resort to matching gems as opposed to slicing animals with a real weapon, but I didn’t even have a difficult time with the final evil black urban dragon, “Ginnungap,” whose ultimate technique was changing your name to something as stupid as his. Seeing as Havlock was already pretty much at the bottom of that well, I was able to smite the evil Giunnugningagnnnnp within three consecutive turns that didn’t include him attacking once. Then the credits ran, and then the game deleted my character. Good. Great work, phone game. I’ll go back to enjoying my Fergie ringtones.

In short, I just wrote a post about Puzzle Quest! Let this never happen again.

Oh, and the song up there is my theme song for playing the game. I can’t Puzzle Quest effectively without loudly singing that song. I also can’t feel comfortable in social situations without singing that song. I sometimes have difficulty using the facilities without singing the song. It’s that profound.

Sigur Ros- Hoppipolla

His name is Bear.

Today I pet this St. Bernard who lives on 10th St. and his name is Bear and he takes up the whole sidewalk with his huge body and he has a girlfriend I think her name is Lady and they are the cutest things ever I see Bear everyday cause he just kicks it. As soon as my hand touched his lustrous brown pelt the Sigur Ros song up there started playing all around me and Bear sang along and everything moved in slow motion and tears started streaming out of my eyes but I wasn’t crying and I felt a blind man down the street regain his eyesight and Bear looked into my eyes and I could sense my soul crystallizing before exploding into hundreds of butterflies and it was like a light show of beauty right there. It was for about two seconds but it lasted an eternity in which I was reborn in the belly of the Dragon of Time.

In other news, I saw a woman walking two midgets with her today. That was funny as hell.

oh languages.

My Japanese teacher just said “people only pay attention to the ru part” but it sounded like “people only pay attention to the RuPaul.”

So true.

ABX- Sentimental Mouths (Ludacris vs. She and Him)


If there is any way to make Luda better, it’s layer him over Zooey Deschanel’s vocals. Whenever I hear it I almost feel inspired to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get me and mine out of the hood. Then I remember I live in a spacious apartment in the heart of downtown Manhattan. Uhhhhhh

So apparently the NFL instituted a new rule that you can disguise your defensive line with costumes so as to confuse the opposing team. Look out for further videos of QBs getting sacked by referees, fans, mascots, trees and the turf itself (!?!)

But seriously, what the fuck just happened?