Sigur Ros- Hoppipolla

His name is Bear.

Today I pet this St. Bernard who lives on 10th St. and his name is Bear and he takes up the whole sidewalk with his huge body and he has a girlfriend I think her name is Lady and they are the cutest things ever I see Bear everyday cause he just kicks it. As soon as my hand touched his lustrous brown pelt the Sigur Ros song up there started playing all around me and Bear sang along and everything moved in slow motion and tears started streaming out of my eyes but I wasn’t crying and I felt a blind man down the street regain his eyesight and Bear looked into my eyes and I could sense my soul crystallizing before exploding into hundreds of butterflies and it was like a light show of beauty right there. It was for about two seconds but it lasted an eternity in which I was reborn in the belly of the Dragon of Time.

In other news, I saw a woman walking two midgets with her today. That was funny as hell.

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