This is the greatest moment in Spongebob history.

Sorry about the drought in posting, I’ve been busy and sic- I mean PARTYING LIKE A ROCKSTAR IN N Y SIZZLE! HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Obama Endorsements on Wikipedia

I abso-fruit-ly love that the mayor of a city in Japan named “Obama” is probably endorsing him for the simple reason that.. The dude runs Obama.

Also a woman by the name of Fontaine Maverick, who is the great granddaughter of one Samuel Maverick, who the word MAVERICK WAS INVENTED FOR.

Also Hayden Panettiere.

In short: Vote Nader. Peace!

Obama Endorsements on Wikipedia

“Do you have psoriasis & joint pain?”

“You may actually have ebola.”

C’mon, People magazine. On the opposite page there are cute pictures of (general, not Halloween) baby photography, and now you ruin me with this.