This video is 90 seconds long and must be one shot, un-edited. Those’re the rules of the competition.

This is the Bobcat skit starring yours truly. Filmed on the terrace of an apartment building on 26th St. over a grueling two hours in suit, the Bobcat deals with the ramifications of the Stock Market Crash. We hope you enjoy his wacky misadventure! If this video is recognized as one of the top five mascot videos in our division, we move on to Nationals, in which I do a live version of this performance at Daytona Beach.

Sorry about the low quality! Here are what things say:

The sign on the wall where the Bobcat enters says $pirit Inc.
The newspaper says Wanted Ads. No jobs!
The sign the Bobcat holds up says Lost my job. Lost my $. Lost my Spirit.
The picture hanging on the wall is of Mufasa.
The very last sign the Bobcat sees says NYU Mascot Tryouts.

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