If You Have iTunes You Owe It To Yourself

Get this software.


It’s called Mojo, and basically it allows for you to create an account with their software and then your friends can download any music that you have in your iTunes library. They can just browse your iTunes library and choose what they want and it will be downloaded to their music folder. Only people you have friended can download from you, so you don’t have to worry about someone weird and unknown looking at your music. The downloads Ellery and I shared worked at about 3MB per second, which is incredibly speedy- even if we are in the same room. Also it creates a Jabber ID for you so if you have iChat or Pidgin or any real chat client you can chat with other Mojo users.

Just an amazing and personal file sharing service that works on Windows and Mac! Yezzir! Oh and I’m FMchubs if you get it.

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