Never thought I’d be on a boat/
It’s a big blue watery road/

T-Pain, “I’m on a Boat” by Incredibad

Experimenting with new software, I can finally make movies on a PC. Old footage of me driving combined with a lack of interest in developing a real film! Exciting!

The 5 Best Drunken Tweets by Diplo At The Grammys

Diplo apparently snuck a flask of $175 whiskey into the Grammys and then proceeded to liveblog the events via Blackberry and Twitter as he slipped farther and farther into a drunken stupor. These are my highlights.



We can only assume this is a compliment, as Kanye and Diplo have worked together.. But besides the hair comment, we must remember- Lando was a TRAITOR to the rebel forces. This is why, apart from Diplo’s intentions, we must regard this as a most callous insult.


This post raises the most questions about the evening, and that is why it holds a special place in my heart. Is Santogold allergic to peanuts? Is she dying? Did Diplo tweet 911? Is peanut the hot new drug? Why would you hit ?uestlove? (Just kidding, we know why, more on that later.) Does Thom Yorke know the Stanky Leg? Where was during all of this? Diplo is truly the Dickens of our time.


At some point, Diplo’s thoughts turned to both hunger and anger at the same time (with a slight dash of fucking insanity) because he COULD NOT FIND THE PARTY. His violence is justified, as none other than ?uestlove is the target. ?uestlove is a dick.


So.. Uh. But. Uhm. I just. What.


ohhh nooo

This is our grand finale. A poignant reminder that none of us are truly above it all. We all have our drunken ketchup mistakes, sometimes even at the Grammys. One of the best tweets I have ever seen. Diplo is us. We are Diplo.