“1000 Times Right Round (Flo Rida vs MSTRKRFT),” The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet has reached 2 years of mashing up and remixing and basically being one of the most amazing duos on the Internet right now and so this is the jam they released today: MSTRKRFT vs. Flo Rida. I’ve posted stuff by THI here before but if you still haven’t heard them you owe it to yourself to go to their website and download a mixtape. Definitely inspired tracks- the indieness of some of their work puts my knowledge of music to shame.

Side note: Whenever I see Flo Rida’s name I can’t help but associate it with him riding “Flo,” Longhorn Steakhouse’s mascot.

This is a beautiful parody, from the mannerisms to the concept. I especially appreciate the phone number at the very end, but my favorite line is during the explanation of the Krundelman.

“Brown gravy. White gravy. Inside the modifier, ignite the salt and watch this. Hot dog. Bauxite. Dave Matthews Band. Sex with a horse.”

“Clipse- Virginia (Lost Woods),” by Team Teamwork from the album Ocarina of Rhyme

so hood.

So even though this is apparently the nerdiest day in the history of my Tumblr, this jawn is hot. Team Teamwork mashed up a bunch of the soundtrack of Ocarina of Time with modern hiphop. I am of the opinion that this track is the best, and since it starts out the album: Perfect!

I much prefer the playfulness of the Lost Woods to the sinister beat the Neptunes originally made for “Virginia.” Clipse can’t be depressing 100% of the time. I also think that the drum line is also the most lively and the best used on the album. But FUCK MY THOUGHTS, you can make your own decision when you download the ten track album here, or stream it firstĀ here. Oh and I hoped you like the original content up there, that’s my own photoshop woooo.

1. Team Teamwork – Clipse – Virginia (Lost Woods) (3:21)
2. Team Teamwork – Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E. (Getting Treasure) (3:39)
3. Team Teamwork – Jay-Z – No Hook (Meeting the Owl) (2:35)
4. Team Teamwork – Pimp C, Li’l Keke & P.O.P. – Knockin’ Doorz Down (Hyrule Field) (3:43)
5. Team Teamwork – Common – I Used To Love H.E.R. (Hyrule Market) (4:09)
6. Team Teamwork – Aesop Rock – No Jumpercables (Goron Village) (3:58)
7. Team Teamwork – Edan – Fumbling Over Words (Battle) (2:26)
8. Team Teamwork – MF Doom – Vomit (Horse Race at Lon Lon Ranch) (2:09)
9. Team Teamwork – Spank Rock – IMC (Zora’s Domain) (2:23)
10. Team Teamwork – Slim Thug & Mike Jones – Still Tippin’ (Great Fairy’s Fountain) (2:33)

This is the “Game #3” trailer by The Behemoth, but the only reason I really wanted to post it waaaaaaaaaas I think that they have the best brand logo in all the land. It shows up at the very beginning and very end. It’s a big bird.

Jolly good.