Epic moment for Scrooge McDuck

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely read Disney comics when I was younger. The following two pages are from The Life and Time of Scrooge McDuck, chapter 8, “King of the Klondike.” If you want more background information, read up on it here, but even if you don’t: appreciate the badassery on full display.


Josh Ritter, “The Temptation of Adam”

We’re gonna slow things down a little bit here with a downtempo piece by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Josh Ritter. Ritter definitely deserves more fame than he has. If he isn’t evoking the powerful imagery of a post-apocalyptic romance, he’s placing it within guitar playing that makes me want to snuggle up in it like a blanket inside the bunker. This song is from his most recent album, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter, and his previous album, The Animal Years, is just as good. Further listening: “To the Dogs or Whoever,” “Girl in the War.”

Download this song here, and check out his Myspace.

I think about you leaving now and the avalanche cascades/ and my eyes get washed away in chain reactions/

Nyle, “Let The Beat Build”

Nyle is a rapper and current senior at NYU facing down his graduation. This video has been taking New York blogs by storm, even landing on Gawker under the tagline “NYU Students We Actually Like.” If Nyle can get Gawker to like at least one of us, well, hope springs eternal.

Oh, something special: This video was recorded in one take, no redubbed vocals or anything. Also, it was filmed on a RED camera so it’s worth turning on the Youtube HD function.


Passion Pit, “Little Secrets”

This song excites me, so many thanks to electro group Passion Pit, who are apparently tearing up the blogoworldtopia right now. I am definitely reminded of The Knife’s more upbeat work here, thanks to the synths and the terrifying falsetto of the lead singer. I think most people also find joy in the sound of a children’s choir.. So I hope you’ll be singing this all week just like me.

And I do know that with summer on the way, this will be blasting out of my car windows soon enough. 88 degrees in NYC today, buckos.

Get your own copy here, but this might be indicative of a CD purchase.