Plants vs Zombies Music Video

Maybe I will get this for myself as a post-finals gift. I do love zombies and plants! And this video is world-destroyingly cute and stuck in my head.

Rooney, “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?”

Rooney has, admittedly, been around for quite some time, so for me to suddenly discover this song thanks to Pandora Radio makes me feel a little.. Late on the uptake. However, if this song was a single, it deserved a lot more radio play. I’m distinctly reminded of “Goodnight, Goodnight” by Hot Hot Heat and other very similar cute and catchy songs with this fast, sorta breathy style of vocals. Also like the Hot Hot Heat track, it has a fairly upsetting message but is an overwhelmingly poppy and upbeat tune.

And guess what? These boys toured with the Jonas Brothers! How could we ever lose? Download the song here.

Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss.

I am midfinals so updates will slow for a likkle bit, but I’ll be back on the top of the blog world in like ten minutes so gimme a sec.

In the meantime, I’m considering making a shirt that says “Hipster Grifter” because I like the idea of it becoming a general title for like, ironic cool guys to wear. Can anyone think of something funny to work with that sticks with the Hipster Grifter theme? If you do think of something good, I’ll be sure to steal it from you without second thought.

So well?