Prior to that I was doing the little delete game, you ever do that? … You just start scrolling through and are like ‘who don’t I need?’ … You scroll through, ‘Peter, Peter, aah fuck Peter, gone!” And you really hit that delete button, like you’re deleting Peter from existence. Peter is sitting halfway across the world eating a steak and the second you hit that button he just turns to vapor- FSSSSSS, the fork falls- ting ting tiddling-ting ting, the person sitting across from him is like ‘PETER!’
Peter’s gone. poof.

Dane Cook, ISolated INcident, on the subject of deleting contacts from the phone.

MGMT, “Kids”

You’ve probably heard this song but the music video was just released and it’s a doozy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also hilarious, but that kid might as well have been in Hell during the shooting of the video. Fun fact: The animated sequence at the end was done by one of the co-creators of Superjail! Gotta love it.

Here Is My Issue With iTunes, And If I Seem Irrational, It’s Because My Claims Are Legitimately So Cool And Impressive That They Branch Into The Surreal.

  1. Winamp uses a little less than 50 MB of RAM, iTunes uses more than 80 MB of RAM. Why does it need all that memory? To be more white colored? To sell you more product? Who knows.
  2. Winamp works with iPods and all other portable media players. So whether or not you have an over-priced mp3 player, it can handle anything you throw at it. iTunes (for the most part) locks you into purchasing ripoffs. Yaaaaay.
  3. iTunes is not customizable. Look at how goddamned pretty my Winamp is:

    Wanna know how much effort that took? I installed Winamp and then downloaded a skin. I selected that skin from a menu. I changed some colors that went well with “pure awesome.” Cool. Done.
  4. The visualizer! On Winamp I watched a rainbow tree melt into the water while fire danced in the sky. That is one of hundreds of visualizers that you can edit however you want. On iTunes I watched two testicles float in the ether. Great. A ballsack. Fun.
  5. iTunes has a very good crossfader. See, I’m not biased. I really like the crossfader. Can iPods crossfade though? No. I’ll enjoy my hacked $15 Sansa do that from day to night.

And guess what? I can’t think of an alternative media player that can’t do the same that Winamp can do, if not better. Try Mediamonkey, Songbird, or for the more adventurous, foobar2000.

In conclusion:

“Okay put on this snorkel and play some Mario as you slip into sweet nothingness before your tooth surgery WAIT STOP THE BABY HE’S EATING THE GAMEGASSER”

The best part of The Incredibles is probably when the daughter triggers the villain robot’s jet legs and it flies into a building. I laugh every time because the rest of the movie the Omnidroid is insane and menacing, and here it just flies itself into a building.


“The Daily What” Features A Story About Paideia As One Of The Links; Oh And It’s Not The Racist Story; My Headlines Are Long And Stuff


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  • Better Know A Dead Person: Millvina Dean, last Titanic survivor, dead at 97.

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