Well, like I’ve always said.. When God gives you AIDS- and he does give you AIDS: Make lemonAIDS.

Sarah Silverman, Jesus Is Magic

La Roux, “Bulletproof”

Time to hop on the La Roux train, since it’s rapidly pulling into/out of the popular music station and I need to prove I was riding on top of it when it started puffing steam and I already hate this metaphor so much. The point is that 8-bit sounds are SO HOT right now and you better know how to sing along with the chorus next time you’re at a house party. I feel like this exudes the same grrrrl power as Lady Gaga. And look at how cute she is! Also worth listening to: “Tigerlily”

When this song comes on I feel like I’m swingdancing in Castlevania. Get the same feeling on your home audiospeakersystem here.

The Room, full length trailer.

The story of a man and his disillusioned wife, and how they try to deal with a secret that threatens to tear th- Ah god. I can’t go on with this. I saw this travesty of film last night, so just watch the trailer and enjoy(?) It shows at The Plaza monthly.