F.M. Chubs, “Love Story Like This (Taylor Swift vs. Natasha Bedingfield) (Roughdraft)”

Twinsies! I did this on request by my pal Gus, he definitely had an ear for two songs working out well. This is, however, a roughdraft. It starts abruptly in the middle of the song, I need to do a little more pitchshifting, and if I did the whole song I’d need more samples- so it’s not available for download, but if you have any ideas let me know!



Family Guy: Brian and Stewie, IRL.

Why is his head normal? I guess babies with craniosynostosis are hard to find in Hollywood these days.. I remember the golden years, when mutant babies were high in demand and the market was booming!

Kings of Leon, “The Bucket (CSS remix)”

While done by CSS, this remix is pretty gentle compared to their other production; some silly percussion in the background captures the lilt of the vocals pretty well. Apparently Kings of Leon are exploding with popularity right now, if is an indicator. I had forgotten about this song for many months, and I’m glad I heard it in a podcast and had a “oh god what have I done” moment. Now you can enjoy too.

Snatch up that gravy here.