So, I went to the premiere of this last night. The new film by the Coen Brothers, (O Brother Where Art Thou, No Country for Old Men,) this dark comedy follows a Jewish man as he tries to deal with his life falling apart around him and how his faith helps and hinders him.

The writing is consistently funny as well as subtle, and the acting really accentuates the dialogue. While we never learn much about the characters outside of the protagonist, Larry, we can draw our own pictures of them through the way they deliver the lines. Nobody had especially standout performances, but the ensemble worked together very well and the interactions between them are the impressive parts.

There is almost nothing as visually glorious as O Brother or No Country except for the very last shot of the film, which is kinda worth it once all is said and done. However, outside of said shot, the movie has very few goals in sight. There really is no climax, and while I am trying to draw parallels between this and American Beauty, I felt the latter had a more captivating transformation. A Serious Man feels stagnant.

While I know there is a message somewhere in the film about religion and American life, for the life of me I can’t figure it out- which is a real shame. I obviously don’t want to be beaten over the head with allegory and metaphor, but I also don’t want to feel so clueless that I’m frustrated. If anyone else sees the movie next week and wants to discuss it with me, I’m down.

While I did enjoy the movie, I wish it gave me a reason to love it. It feels like the potential is there. Until then, I’ll keep thinking that Jewish people are weird. Yep.

Grade: B

(215): i got kicked out of Barns and Nobles cuz i put all the bibles in the fiction section

Despite this being one of the “best nights” on “Texts From Last Night,” it was originally from, so we can thank that horrible corner of the Internet for this line.

Deskhop, “Easternization”

I’ve described this mashup in my essay below, but I wanted to make sure as many people as possible could take in its wonder. One of the best mashups I’ve ever heard, I acknowledge it is not for everyone. This is for people who are ready to fucking move- there is nothing soft about this track.

Favorite parts:

  1. 0:40- The Backwudz give props to Decatur and then a few seconds later they’re “ridin’ through Oakhurst coated like Starburst, candy paint glistenin’ lookin’ greasy like bratwurst.” All over a synthed out “Turning Japanese.”
  2. 2:20- Slim Thug rhymes over bursts of “Tonight!” and that same synthline. Immediately afterwards the “Turning Japanese” chorus comes into full effect with a roll of drums punctuating every part of it.
  3. 3:33- “Paper Planes” enters the equation, but not how you expect.
  4. 4:01- “yoummyoummYOUMMYOUMMMM on the Yamaha…”
  5. 4:50- “Paper Planes” makes its lyrical debut to the strains of “Baba O’Riely.” Oh yeah and BIG BEATS.
  6. 5:55- Blink-182? Really? Damn.

Enough chit-chat. Get it now here or get the whole album at Deskhop’s website.

Major Lazer, “Pon De Floor (Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix)”

Soon enough I will put up something else that isn’t a huge club banger or whatever, but oh my god Chewy Chocolate Cookies are just the kings of electrohouse remixing right now. I was not a big fan of the original, but after listening to this and some of the deeper cuts from Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do, I may have to give it another shot. That first moment when the A-Team theme drops out and the real track makes itself known- magnificent.

Get it here.