Neutral Milk Hotel, “Holland, 1945”

Neutral Milk Hotel, while still not a band ever played on mainstream radio, is still ensconced in pop music strongly enough to have a sample from this very song used in a Girl Talk song from Night Ripper. (You’ll probably recognize the sample in about, oh, 1, 2, 3, 4 seconds.)

Beyond that, this song is fantastic. Compared to other songs on the album, the lyrics actually seem to create some coherent visuals. The manic pace of the song keeps you interested in what has to be said, especially within the urgent vocals of Jeff Mangum. The song itself (and interestingly enough, the whole album,) is inspired by the diary of Anne Frank, and knowing that also makes the urgency of the song a little bit more understandable, somehow.

Get it here.

P.S. This is song #2 from my top 20 unranked songs.

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