Ennio Morricone, “Un Amico”

Before I launch into several hours of studying, I figure I’ll give y’all what I’m gonna be listening to as soon as I finish. I rewatched Inglourious Basterds today while packing my things and cleaning, and I had forgotten how fantastic a moment it is when this song makes its appearance. I won’t spoil when it shows up, but if you’re acquainted with the song, it makes the moment even better.

An instrumental piece by the father of music for Western films, the song opens with a simple guitar and string bit that would go well with just about any credits sequence- especially when the drums come in. However, at a little after 1:15 comes the most epic strings piece I’ve ever heard. It would not be out of place in some bombastic single by Coldplay or a track by some silly pop group like The Veronicas, but here it’s used in a minimalist fashion as opposed to the typical overproduction. And just as suddenly as the bit shows up, it’s over. It absolutely teases the listener, and Tarantino uses it to awe-inspiring (and even somewhat dissonant) effect in the film.

Enjoy it yourself.

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