Girls, “Lust For Life”

Even with all the accusations of pretentiousness and music journalism marred by vagueness, usually Pitchfork is on target. They continued to hit said target with their top 50 songs of the year, with this song holding it down at #9. I can’t be cool and say I had heard this before I flipped through this list, but I can be cool and say that I totally understand why they chose this track.

At a simple 2:32 and approximately two verses worth of lyrics, “Lust For Life” evokes the sort of music Buddy Holly would have written had he grown up in the 80’s. A little surf rock influenced, (made somewhat obvious when frontman Christopher Owens sings “I wish I had a beach house,”) the song sneakily builds with handclaps and backing vocals, even after the singing is over. As Pitchfork wrote: he’s not singing about himself, he’s singing for every outcast looking for love.

I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine

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