The iPad

Pros: Fast! Maps! Internet! Thin!

Cons: Why didn’t you just put Mac OS on it? Can there be a keyboard?

edit- WHOOPS TOO BAD THE MODEL ANYONE CARES ABOUT WILL COST $829. I’ll be busy purchasing three netbooks for that price. Or a used car. whatevs

further edit- read this and move along. don’t buy shoddy design and it will demand better design.

Matt & Kim, “Daylight (Ninjasonik remix)”

Everybody loves “Daylight” already. This is a fact. (If you haven’t heard it yet, I wrote about it in this post and you can get your own copy to walk down Grand Street in daylight with.) However, not everybody loves Ninjasonik yet, and apparently this week is Ninjasonik week for me.

I almost posted the original “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” but I decided we didn’t need two songs in a row that are very direct about boning intention and have minimal rapping. That song, (and a lot of their catalog,) is coated in a healthy dose of irony, and so it was somewhat refreshing to find a track by Ninjasonik that may actually be as happy as its face value would indicate. In songs like “Art School Girls” and “Internet Bitch” they basically just make fun of hipsters; here, sing-songy rhymes about staying out all night in Brooklyn and never facing the daylight are planted on top of a beat genetically designed to make you feel great about your life.

That’s what’s special about this rap: It’s less about generic boasts, and more about creating an image we’re all familiar with and exploring it.

cause in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone, cause i’m still dead asleep at home

I [google my name], it’s hard not to. Everyone I know, they google their names, see what people write.. And it’s so funny to read it because people always think that “oh man there’s no way he’d have time to ever read this.” Haha, yeah I do. I don’t do anything. I take naps all day!

“Using My Blackberry While Driving,” Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening by Aziz Ansari

Amanda Blank, “Might Like You Better”

Yeah, this is a real simple song and sorta doesn’t meet the typical standard of the eclectic Spank Rock/Santigold/M.I.A. tracks we’re used to (as well as other things related to Hollertronix,) but.. I really really like it. Oops?

Very sparse beat and lyrics that are vaguely sexy but a little bit more sleazy are I guess ALL THAT IT TAKES TO IMPRESS ME THESE DAYS

But seriously, Amanda Blank’s verse on Diplo’s mix of Santigold’s “I’m A Lady” shows a surprising amount of emotion, so go find that if you aren’t in the mood for something trashy like this. At least it isn’t Owl City, right?

wanna hold you, get to know you, show you what i got in my sweater baby