I fully recommend Ninjasonik’s new set. That tight hoodrat feel they’re so good at has been dropped on top of a bunch of electro tracks and strung together for some real easy (or hard, depending on how you look at it) listening. There has also been a ton of buzz about the “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” vs. “Pon De Floor” mashup and it sounds real good here.


The U.S. as if the state lines were redrawn to allow for equal populations in each of the 50 states. Also some precious names. Click for the explanation.

“A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter” (2009) by Caleb Larsen

This is a piece of art designed to continually sell itself on eBay for a set amount. The current auction can be found at, and contains a contract stating that the collector who purchases it must immediately connect it to the Internet again once it is in their possession.

This is a fascinating construct, and it really brings into focus the question of art in the age of the Internet. It’s a piece that one can own for a few minutes or for years, depending on the market. Also, its value is completely independent of its aesthetic appeal. It’s an awesome idea and after spending awhile looking at the rest of Larsen’s work, I recommend you page through his website here. A lot of his pieces have to do with our interactions with the world through the Internet, as well as the current information overload our world is undergoing.

Wiz, “I Hate College (remix)”

The whole reason I was reminded of my “I Love College” thesis paper was this remix that I stumbled upon thanks to the magic of Youtube. I originally thought that “I Love College” would be very difficult to improve upon, simply because it’s so bad that no matter who raps over it, they’ll still have the taste of Asher Roth’s original in their mouth; not to mention that the beat is soooooo slooow. So Wiz said “whatever” and decided to sing his lyrics in doubletime with autotune, and now it makes a whole lot more sense.

Yes, it’s still stupid stuff about college and parties and being the most basic human being possible, but now it actually sounds our rapper enjoys his subject. Not to mention picking up the pace a little further increases the feelings of elation and simple lust for life in the track, and you’ve got yourself a catchy little piece of work! Also, no more disgraceful controversy about double-bagging condoms and whatnot- just laying in a bed all day with a hottie. Acceptable.

i hate college but love all the parties, finishing kegs and crushing bottles of bacardi


Leading Senior Constable, Mick Clifford, gets a wet kiss from Bronx the dog, who almost died in Melbourne’s heatwave conditions until Mick came to the rescue, helping Bronx’s owner, Clive Saultry, put him on a stretcher and get him emergency veterinary treatment. Picture: REX FEATURES / NEWSPIX. via telegraph uk

I just want to tear this picture off of my laptop monitor and wallpaper my room with it. I would wake up every morning with a smile on my face and pouring tears from my eyes. And screaming with joy.