Ellie Goulding, “Under The Sheets (Baby Monster remix)”

As I listened to this lying facedown in my bed at 2pm trying to convince my body that staying awake is a good idea, I prayed that it wasn’t Uffie so that I wouldn’t have to admit enjoying a song by Uffie. Thankfully, there was no terrible rapping involved or boasts about popping glocks and such, just saccharine pop.

The vocals of Ms. Goulding are processed in just the right way, sounding more than a little j-pop influenced; made even more obvious when the song breaks wide open at about the halfway mark. The beat doesn’t overwhelm the track, just finally fills it in a bit more. However, my favorite part of the entire song is before all that happens, during the first verse. Baby Monster remixes this with just enough glitch sounds to make one think that there’s something sinister and powerful lurking under the surface. For some reason, it resonates with the lyrics and the tone of the song.

like all the boys before like all the

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