Hellogoodbye, “Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn (Take It Back to Square One)”

I have two versions of this song and I don’t know which one is more “official.” The one I’m posting sounds more demo-y to me, which is funny because it’s really so much better in such a great and subtle way.

The other version’s drums have none of the punch of the demo, and the vocals are pretty overproduced (to sound sexy? idk) compared to the nerdy yelps of this one. If you’re gonna have a faux-emo teenager song, you can’t try and age the dude’s voice- it doesn’t make sense! Besides, the demo ends with a sample from Mortal Kombat.

So here’s this one. The true one. The Highlander of this song.

gotta find out all the things like find out where she got her wings

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