And if you don’t know, now you know~

Name: Brian

Tumblr name: FMchubs

Former tumblr name(s): I’ve only ever been FMchubs on all.

Currently listening to: Lil’ Wayne – “A Milli (DJDT remix)”

Favorite band: Girl Talk, I suppose.

Future career: Comedy writing and married to a woman who works in a zoo so sometimes I can help out there.

Plans for summer: Circus Camp unless I sell something for an exorbitant amount of money.

Most embarrassing moment: A couple of weeks ago I tried to walk past a guy on the sidewalk and I accidentally kicked a trashbag right into his path. He stumbled on it and just gave the biggest “are you fuckin’ serious?” look at me. I mumbled an apology but I was in a real hurry so I didn’t take off my headphones or shades and I powerwalked out of there. HUGE DOUCHE

An inside joke that that always makes you laugh: “Stenographer, read that back to me.”

How are you feeling? Energetic but worried about a grotesque amount of studying.

What are your plans for tomorrow? Bio exam and then bro night.

What’s your favourite saying/lyric/line? First one that came to my head: “I wish I wasn’t wearing this fucking shirt.” from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Formspring link? It’s been awhile since anyone hollered, but

Anything else? I basically take medicine for narcolepsy!

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