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I hate to do this to anyone who still hasn’t discovered TV Tropes and thus still, y’know, has a life.. But you owe it to yourself to spend hours indulging in this collection of all the cliches in every form of media. You’ll feel justified, you’ll feel shocked, and maybe you’ll even learn something.

TV Tropes

Childish Gambino, “What the Fuck Are You? (Colouring of Pigeons)”

I know next to nothing about this guy, but he rapped over Colouring of Pigeons by The Knife and the rest of his releases are all him rapping over other alternative songs with a lot of buzz.

It also helps that, despite his voice being a little overpowering compared to the instrumental, his rhymes are very solid. It’s a compelling message about realism and standing up for what you care about, and it builds over the course of the song right up until the last moment. Check out his other work at his website.

i am not talking, i’m just a rapper.

It’s like soccer but painful. And more manly.

Damn my roommates for playing classical music right now. I’m doing my best to drown them out via Nicki Minaj.

No real post today. Byez.

I didn’t post this the first time I saw it, but the longer it sat in my head the more I liked it. The breaking of the fourth wall, the targeting of women, the utter surrealism of it all.

It’s almost like half the commercial is imagining someone watching it, in a way.