Worthy Cause of the Day: Courtesy of The Stranger’s Dan Savage.

To paraphrase Patrick Henry: I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty to draw Mohammad in a bear suit or give me death!


UPDATE: This should go without saying, but nothing ever really does. The whole point of this is not to offend Muslims, it’s to offend censors. There are no sacred cows in comedy (see The Aristocrats for more on this). If you are offended by something on television, change the channel, close your eyes, walk away. Do not send death threats to the show’s creators. That last part really ought to go without saying, but, as I mentioned above, nothing ever really does.

Don’t do anything to offend anyone. Just do what’s funny if you’re trying to be funny; but your goal shouldn’t be to offend censors or to lash back at terrorists. Do you really think the people who are targeted by this joke will lighten up or something? This is just being a dick to Muslims everywhere as opposed to actually having a point.

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