God, I wanted to like this movie so hard. At the outset, it had such a great take on the superhero genre, sort of an anti-Invincible story. It even offers a reasonable explanation for why a kid wouldn’t get beat to shit every time he tackled thugs! So, why, god why, did it collapse into a violent mishmash of cliches and spectacle?

It had so many chances for a resolution of “violence is never a hero’s answer” or “violence is okay in certain situations” or even “we don’t have a clear answer for violence,” but instead the resolution(?) was “this is how to kill people in boner-inspiring ways.” By the final scenes, several people had walked out of the theater.

I guess it was most bothersome that the film couldn’t decide whether it was a witty comedy/action movie or just a silly comedy to be taken at face value— Probably one of the best lines in the movie was incredibly self-referential (“man, that was one strange sounding bazooka!”) but I can’t possibly like it when it completely threw off the tone of the film.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some. Maybe I’m just a crotchety old man.

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