M.I.A., “Born Free” music video

I don’t really want to write about the song itself because it isn’t very interesting, but this video is obnoxious.

We all understand that people are persecuted for being different and that situations just like this have happened, will happen, and are happening world-wide. The problem is that people who don’t know that will probably never watch this video, or if they do, they’ll say to themselves “that was disturbing” and never think of it again. That said, when you use redheads as your analog, it cheapens the already weak message. Since redheads are already the butt of so many jokes, I can’t tell if this is supposed to be deathly serious or an incredibly black comedy. If you want to make a point, use the people actually living through this. If you want to be hilarious, don’t show a little kid getting shot in the head. This and Kick-Ass both, damn.

Also, why the hell wouldn’t the riot cops arrest the kids throwing rocks at the buses? They obviously have the capabilities and the lack of care toward the repressed.

In all, I guess I’m just disappointed it was so boring. Within two minutes the point was thrown in our face and then nothing changed in the remaining seven. The execution is for the most part, professional— but the concept should have been retooled from square one. If there’s one thing I take away from this video, it’s the very last shot of the riot cop showing faint confusion in the world around him. Maybe that’s supposed to be the payoff, but it is far from evident.

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