B.o.B., “Don’t Break My Heart”

Bobby Ray is getting a lot of attention lately— maybe even enough to break into the big time? “Airplanes,” featuring a chorus sung by Paramore lead Hayley Williams, has been posted non-stop this week. Now that Eminem dropped a verse on “Airplanes Pt. 2,” the track doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

So definitely go listen to that, it’s a great song.. And so is this one. I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost in the overload and insanity that is contemporary music. The rhyming feels a little stilted at first, but robo-horns soon drop in and provide the needed rhythm. It’s still a weird little jam, but just try to not smile at the bridge.

now all the fellas in the house, if you’re not too proud, look your woman in the face and tell her right now: “i need you, i need you, i need you, i need you baby!”

LCD Soundsystem, “All I Want”

Today I made my way through the soon-to-be released This Is Happening. While “Drunk Girls” annoys me a little bit too much to be the heir of the “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” throne, I’ve come back to “All I Want” a few times and I’m happier each time I’ve done so.

People are writing that this is the follow-up to modern classic “All My Friends.” Where “All My Friends” is about speeding forward and never looking back until it’s all over, “All I Want” is a more mellow version of the same idea. The same conclusion is reached here (all I want is your pity,) but it’s done in a much more relaxed fashion up until about two minutes left. Then the keyboard starts to squelch out of control and Murphy starts yelling take me home and everything fades away. “All My Friends” ends with a bang, but here we end up with a whimper. Sadface.

all i want is your pity, all i want is your bitter tears

Three Notes From Ratatouille

I love Ratatouille. Fantastic film, second only to The Incredibles and tied with Up if you want to know my Pixar rankings. I watched it for a third or fourth time this weekend and here are some fun things I realized.

Doug from Up is in it! At about 16:30, he pops out to scare Remy. This is kinda ridiculous because Up is still a whole movie away from Ratatouille.

Anton Ego’s study is a coffin. Perhaps I was a little slow on the visual uptake here but this time I caught it.

Finally, I realized that Anton Ego is named the way he is because the actual villain of the movie is Linguini’s ego! That’s what ends up coming between Remy and Linguini, and only once Linguini has gotten over it are they able to “defeat” the food critic (with a rather unassuming dish, no less.)

Yeah that last one is almost child-like amounts of obvious but it feels good to put it together.