Japandroids, “Younger Us”

God, it’s like someone took pop-punk and made it a real genre of music that isn’t all developed by people in focus groups and is stripped of all feeling while the lyrics are calculated to appeal to the widest amount of teenagers. This isn’t sloppy, and it isn’t made to sound sloppy; but it’s just like they don’t care if parts of it are a little confusing to the ear. Japandroids are just playing this song and if you’re in the way, you better like it or get the fuck out.

I really wish the vocalist didn’t sound so young and peppy, because all it does is make the actual super-sad core of the song resonate that much more: if a guy this young wants to go back to his halcyon days, is there hope for anybody? Give me that younger us, plz.

gimme that night you were already in bed, said “fuck it,” got up and drank with me instead

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