Imogen Heap, “Hide and Seek (Afrojack remix)”

Oh my god oh my god I can’t even see straight at how absolutely mentally challenged this remix is. Somehow Afrojack found this pitch-perfect combination of eurohouse and electro— managing to successfully swap between the two in rapid succession during this track. The last chorus might as well have been played right after “Everytime We Touch,” while the whine of that laser-sounding siren wouldn’t be out of place in something remixed by Chewy Chocolate Cookies.

Just give me somewhere to DJ cause this will be dropped posthaste. I can’t imagine dancing to the track because it so fluidly changes genres that one second you’re almost daggering someone and then the next you’re fist pumping like champs. And no matter what the song is straight up violently assaulting you.

mmm whatcha saaaay

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