FrankMusik & Don Diablo, “Confusion Girl (The Name Is…) ft. Ish”

I downloaded about forty new electro tracks earlier tonight, and in the course of that I also stumbled across these couple of verses by an unknown rapper over one of my favorite candy dreamlands of a song, Don Diablo’s remix of “Confusion Girl.” Guess what song out of those forty that I’ve listened to the most since then?

The original remix of “Confusion Girl” has some pretty regretful sounding vocals, but the synthy melody is uplifting, bouncy, and worms into your head like nobody’s business. I have trouble classifying it myself. To have someone rap about bettering themselves over this pushes it into sappy-80’s-teenage-movie-credits level of wistfulness.

In a really good way.

and i ain’t slowing down now/ cause i’m in the zone/ don’t rely on no one else/ i’ma make it on my own

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