Super Mario Mashup

The Eclectic Method drop a new 8-bit inspired video/music extravaganza.

In their own words: “There’s also a kind of filth to 8-bit sounds. There’s a kind of dirt to them because they’re so simple, and if you amp that up a little bit, it sounds cool. Dirty 8-bit.”

30 Awesome College Labs

Things I want to do now: study lava on an active volcano, crash cars for science, simply attend the University of Hawaii.

But hey! NYU is on here, which really surprised me because when it comes to achievements, NYU doesn’t have many! Probably because the president treats it like a business. To pretend that their expansion plan benefits the students is foolish, and if it isn’t benefiting the students.. Well.. Money must be going somewhere.

But I digress, I love science.

30 Awesome College Labs