Props to How I Met Your Mother for referencing The Mendoza Line very subtly by saying “The Vicki Mendoza Diagonal Line.” Actually, props to How I Met Your Mother for being the only good multi-camera sitcom on TV anymore.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch The Hell Out Of This of the Day: The four-and-a-half-minute trailer for Frank Darabont’s live-action adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead which was screened at Comic Con is now online for your viewing/salivating pleasure.

The 90-minute series premiere will air October 31st (natch) on AMC as part of the network’s annual horror film marathon Fearfest.


I’m really really really hoping this is great. The comic is fantastic, and it’s ATL babyyyy


Well This Is Something You Don’t See Every Day of the Day: Firefighters get hyphy to Mistah F.A.B.’s “Ghost Ride It” alongside a Rural/Metro fire truck.

Part of the new “fight fire with freshness” initiative.


If these guys get in trouble for thizzin too hard, this world is an unjust place.

Notes on “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”

As someone who has read all the books and has been a major fanboy for a minute now, I was really pleased with how the film turned out. Yes, obviously, there can’t be nearly as much character development as in the 700 pages of source material— but they accomplished something here. There was a lot of room for this movie to be real horrible, and it definitely wasn’t.

Looking back at the book, I wonder if Michael Cera doing his super awkward puppydog routine was really the best choice. Sure, the idea behind the work is that Scott (like most people) thinks he’s always the good guy in relationships when actually he’s kinda a jerk, and Cera’s inoffensive nerdboy behavior certainly makes a good cover-up for his actual jerkiness.. But I liked the slight swagger Scott has in the books. His wit is, for the most part, on purpose; as opposed to Cera’s accidental hilarity.

I know that they had to put together the end of the movie before the last book was released, and that ended up being a shame. Instead of the “everyone makes mistakes” theme that the work is about, the ending forces a bit too much of Scott saving the day. Ramona was a character throughout the movie, but the ending didn’t really jive with the rest of her personality.. She shouldn’t have taken an emotional backseat there.

I was worried that the movie would be difficult to follow, if not unenjoyable, if you haven’t read the books/aren’t a nerd, but I had a friend with me who went into it with no preconceptions and actually really enjoyed it. So if you can’t believe my HORRIBLY biased take on this film (and I repeat, very very very biased,) maybe his testimonial will hold more weight with you.

Aaaaand I accidentally wrote four paragraphs. Here are some more specific notes:

  • The attention to detail was awesome. e.g. the signs in the record store indicating genres like “sadcore.”
  • “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl” playing when Scott runs into Knives the second to last time. A hilarious and winking moment that wasn’t in the book.
  • In the first book, Kim deadpans the line “Scott is the best fighter in the province” after the entire volume has occurred without this fact being hinted at. I was really disappointed that it wasn’t in the movie because I thought it was very self-referential and, thus, totally acceptable.
  • I’m pretty certain Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s boob fell out at one point. This is a crucial point.
  • If you at all enjoyed the movie, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the entire series. Please, support the vision and style behind the work. That’s my actual crucial point.

“Fresh To Dearth” – A Digital Mixtape

It’s been a minute since I’ve written much about music on here, and it actually hurts my soul when I don’t. So in the spirit of soul-refreshing, here’s a real loud and real fun mixtape to help you power through the autumn.

Oh, and it turned out mostly hip-hop. I guess I listened to a lot of rap this summer. If you don’t like the genre, I’m sorry you’re racist.

Fresh to Dearth (38:11)

 1. Big Boi – “Back Up Plan”
 2. KiD CuDi – “All Summer (feat. Best Coast)”
 3. King Fantastic – “All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song)”
 4. Sleigh Bells – “Treats”
 5. M.I.A. – “Meds and Feds”
 6. Childish Gambino – “Let Me Dope You”
 7. KiD CuDi – “Erase Me (feat. Kanye West)”
 8. Robyn – “Cry When You Get Older”
 9. Anamanaguchi – “My Skateboard Will Go On”
10. Das Racist – “Rainbow In The Dark (Anamanaguchi remix)”
11. STS9 – “Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob remix)”

Download it right here. (Right-click, save as.)

Also, previously on Wampoholic: 33 Pages

If you download, please let me know what you think somehow. You can comment anonymously on the post or write to me on Facebook or anything. Thanks!

“Oops I Chatted About Religion With Forward-Thinkers” by Brian Regan

Last night I engaged in a discussion about religion at a little get-together on a roof. Yes, dangerous, I know, but I was bored and I had faith in my conversation partners to be interesting without any trouble. How foolish I was..

Here’s my spiel: As of now, I am finished believing in religion as a concept. While I know that it does good things for individuals and communities— in the end, religion does more harm and has done more harm than any other force in the world. That’s why I refuse to participate in or lend my own belief to a system that is, in the end, bad for the world.

That said, I will NEVER tell anyone what they believe is wrong (durrr i’m so forward thinking.) Nor will I ask someone to defend their beliefs to me. I may press for more information and ask questions about one’s beliefs, but that’s as far as I go.

So why am I bothered? Well, I delivered my spiel that you read above, and then several things happened.

  1. One guy, we’ll call him Knitcap, promptly tried to explain how religion had done good things for him. His tone was already defensive, and it showed that he didn’t listen to what I had said. I didn’t need proof that religion works for individuals. I just wanted to hear his thoughts, and he offered them to me in a way that tried to contradict my beliefs. (He didn’t prescribe to a specific religion but he believed that everything was here not on accident, but by design.) So basically he engaged in what had driven me away from religion in the first place. wow sir you are the same as the radical christians you would no doubt rally against
  2. A second participant, Jacket, then took what Knitcap was saying and used logic to “prove” the existence of a greater design, but through the idea that since all physics on its most theoretical level is random, that there must be something else that made all this randomness work. Something about this didn’t jive with Knitcap, and the two started arguing over it. Soon after, it devolved into a very convoluted explanation that I tuned out from, given that it was just those two trying to prove their own beliefs over and over until someone got bored or distracted. Again, basically why I am finished with religion: you could learn more from someone if you just listened to them and synthesized it with your own take on the world, so why argue?
  3. At some point in the discussion, I think I ventured that this arguing wasn’t getting anywhere .. And I was handwaved away as this just being “a conversation,” where people were sharing thoughts. If I haven’t made it clear yet, it wasn’t just a conversation— there was a very specific tone being used and content being spoken that indicated that there was no free exchange of opinions, but instead a battle.
  4. As the real meat of the argument was dying down, I offered a thought that I’ve had before that I love: that maybe there is a specific something in our bodies responsible for our consciousness, and after death that specific something is reused in all matter and maybe eventually someday our consciousness will be awakened again after death. Both Jacket and Knitcap tried to prove to me how this IDEA, completely separate from what I BELIEVE, was wrong. They took what I said and assumed they could prove something about their own beliefs by breaking it down. Allow me this: how dare they.
  5. Finally, as I was saying my goodbyes for the evening, (thirty minutes after our conversation resolved,) Knitcap had the audacity to yell after me “Believe in God!” Yes, his tone was joking, but it continued to prove what I had thought all along: this was not “just a conversation,” but he was trying to force something on me. He thought I was fundamentally wrong and there was something he could say that would prove it.

I guess what I learned from the entire experience is that you can believe in a global consciousness transmitted through a flying spaghetti monster to all of humanity and still be a huge dick about it. I hate hippies.