Lupe Fiasco, “The Show Goes On (clean)”

I wanted to provide an alternative listening option for any reader, but then I remembered I have no obligation to do this— AND THEN I still posted this track because it’s so awesome.

This horned-out anthem of a tribute to “Float On” manages to completely refix the sample, giving it a spacey positive sound. The chorus sounds like it was produced with the bombast of a musical, and Lupe’s trademark ra-ta-tat flow keeps the pace up and keeps him above it all, absolutely relaxed.

anybody ever wonder/ if they would see the sun go/ just remember when it come up the show goes on/


Fainting Goat Kittens of the Day: Charlie and Spike have been diagnosed with myotonia congenita, better known as “Fainting Goat Syndrome” — a condition which causes them to faint at the slightest sound, but makes them twice as adorable as normal kittens.



FCKN Crew, “DISCOKE (Bullwack remix)”

My roommates aren’t home and I’m sweating my balls off in an overly hot room and I need to get pumped up about the day, so here’s a Halloween-ish electro stomper. I say Halloween only because the track is at first built around a sample of the word “die.” Thankfully a lot of other crazy stuff happens here to keep your ADD-addled mind from settling down, including a eurohouse synthline and a weird stuttering breakdown.

I really don’t post proportionally to the amount of dance I listen to because I don’t think that anyone is as interested in having their face torn off as I am. This sort of retardedly hard and glitchy sounding electro is the most thrilling dance music out there right now though, and so sometimes I can’t help but send it out into the world. It offers a nice contrast to the Brian Eno and Joy Division I was bumping earlier.

If people want more of this sort of disgusting, filthy electro, I can probably string together a quick DJ set highlighting my favorite stuff from the past few weeks. ok peace

die die die die die die die

Lil Jon, “U Don’t Like Me”

The track was produced by Diplo and the video is done by NMA, the group who recreates all those news stories in this Sim-esque monstrosity world.

It really is time for Lil Jon to make some sort of resurgence, what with Sleigh Bells and M.I.A. pushing on the noise front and Waka Flocka attesting that lyrics don’t matter to his style of hip-hop. This track has been in production for so long so give the ATL some love and bump this shit.

Hadouken, “Mecha Love”

But what they actually decided to title this music video is “PEOPLE ARE AWESOME.” so there’s that. I just love that I can watch videos on the Internet and exclaim things like “oh no don’t— oh no, no, what!”