Lupe Fiasco, “The Show Goes On (clean)”

I wanted to provide an alternative listening option for any reader, but then I remembered I have no obligation to do this— AND THEN I still posted this track because it’s so awesome.

This horned-out anthem of a tribute to “Float On” manages to completely refix the sample, giving it a spacey positive sound. The chorus sounds like it was produced with the bombast of a musical, and Lupe’s trademark ra-ta-tat flow keeps the pace up and keeps him above it all, absolutely relaxed.

anybody ever wonder/ if they would see the sun go/ just remember when it come up the show goes on/

FCKN Crew, “DISCOKE (Bullwack remix)”

My roommates aren’t home and I’m sweating my balls off in an overly hot room and I need to get pumped up about the day, so here’s a Halloween-ish electro stomper. I say Halloween only because the track is at first built around a sample of the word “die.” Thankfully a lot of other crazy stuff happens here to keep your ADD-addled mind from settling down, including a eurohouse synthline and a weird stuttering breakdown.

I really don’t post proportionally to the amount of dance I listen to because I don’t think that anyone is as interested in having their face torn off as I am. This sort of retardedly hard and glitchy sounding electro is the most thrilling dance music out there right now though, and so sometimes I can’t help but send it out into the world. It offers a nice contrast to the Brian Eno and Joy Division I was bumping earlier.

If people want more of this sort of disgusting, filthy electro, I can probably string together a quick DJ set highlighting my favorite stuff from the past few weeks. ok peace

die die die die die die die