hey wutsup maybe i deleted you


I’m defollowing the people I follow who use tumblr to:

  1. Write about their lives and just post pictures
  2. Just post pictures

(Unless I think of you as like a major inspiration or something.)

I’m letting you know because it’s only fair if you were following me out of mutual respect or something.

That’s not to say I don’t respect you, I do respect you— we’re just using the service for different purposes. If for some reason you’d like to cater to my taste, I’d just really prefer your own art/impressions of others’ art (writing, drawing, photography, whatever) than the binary “I saw this and liked this so I clicked reblog.” I can’t handle seeing the same picture three times in a row, call me obsessive, my bad.

It’s not personal. The internet ain’t personal.

You may now go back to not caring about my approval. shanks

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