paging through an issue of Spy magazine from 1995, there’s a letter from Joe Birbiglia (Mike Birbiglia’s older brother, referred to as “Joe Bags” in Mike’s comedy routine) complaining about Spy. The letter was sent from Shrewsbury, MA, which Mike has mentioned as the town his elementary school was located in, so it’s definitely the same Joe Birbiglia.


“You know what’s cooler than a million dollars? a million dead people.” #thesociopathnetwork

Childish Gambino, “Freaks and Geeks”

At first I was unimpressed by this just-released video; Donald Glover obviously has a ridiculous amount of creativity inside him that he can’t help but dribble out of every pore, and so to just film him runnin’ around in a warehouse didn’t make that evident. Then about halfway through, his dancing got a little bit more frantic, the panning got near enough for me to see his facial expressions and his earnestness, and it finally ended on just his face. I felt uncomfortable making eye contact with him after the emotional vomit that is this rap. And when it comes to music videos, I’d much rather be uncomfortable than entertained.

Kimbra, “Settle Down”

Enjoy your new favorite pop singer in this hauntingly captivating video. It’s not often you get unnerving and cute in one package… But Kimbra’s half-smiles, makeup, and dancing keep your eyes fixed, joining where your ears have been since the start of the song.

The finale of the third season of The Sopranos was incredibly emotional. I just wanted to remember. And also as I typed this Will Arnett just showed up in the premiere of the fourth season. What’s going on I love this.

woke up last night, believed that the two coats lying on my chair and floor were leering demons. sat up, said “gotcha.” fell back asleep