My husband was in the original run of ‘Hair,’ before it moved uptown, and they used to have these wild cast parties. One night, I must have ingested something, to this day I have no idea what… I engaged an actor in a conversation: it was the most intense conversation I’ve ever had, felt like it lasted about half an hour. When I came back to my senses awhile later, my husband asked me how long I thought my conversation had been. I told him ‘oh, a half an hour…’ He told me I was talking for two days, and we were talking in a language unlike anything else on Earth. Complete gibberish. Now, whenever I see that actor, we both know what we said was lucid. We solved the problems of the universe but we can’t explain it to anyone else!

My professor.

get the music while you still can!

Hey everyone

Due to a cease and desist (there’s just no civil discourse anymore, amirite?) my file service is asking me to remove the copyrighted works they’re hosting for me. This doesn’t bother me, I’ll just be more careful about what I offer as a download and what I just stream for yall. But it does mean that all of the downloads I’ve previously offered are about to go kaput.

So at the end of today (probably around 10pm) all of the links will die. You can see all my posts tagged with “music” by clicking here.

remember the sleeping guy in my 3:30 class last wk? his phone just rang, he silenced it, left the room, said “hello” on his way out. i hate!

Darwin Deez, “Bad Day”

Why do I keep thinking of this as a rap song? Maybe it’s the tiny drum machine, or perhaps the hand-claps, or how Darwin talksings his painless revenge fantasies. It’s not fair, because every play I groove hard to this “rap song” without a care in the world, and every time I’m caught off guard by the halfway point: the music suddenly cuts out except for the aforementioned tiny drums, and Darwin spits “maybe you should wonder why your apartment is always so empty.” Up to that point his burns seemed silly and lighthearted, and the song picks back up right after … But this line cuts like a knife no matter who you are. I guess we should take Deez a little more seriously.

every day oughta be a bad day for you/

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shiiit man I pulled it too tight now I can’t see anything #hoodphrases

I’ll tell you the best thing [Allen] Ginsberg did for me, he came over to La Monte [Young]’s when we were rehearsing and I’d been in New York for like three months. I was very green. Very few people could understand what I was saying because I had a really thick Welsh accent. The first thing he said to me was, ‘Have you got any friends?’ And it was just like bam! All the air went out of me. He said, ‘In New York the hardest thing is to find friends. You have to go out and physically hold on to them.’ I remember that.

John Cale, co-founder of The Velvet Underground