Nobody knows the real me. Nobody knows how many times I’ve sat in my room and cried, how many times I’ve lost hope, how many times I’ve been let down. Nobody knows how many times I’ve had to hold back the tears, how many times I’ve felt like I’m about to snap but don’t just for the sake of others. Nobody knows the thoughts that go through my head whenever I’m sad, how horrible they truly are. Nobody knows me, and that’s what I hate the most.

The answer?


yo as rebloggable as this photo is, anyone noticed that this girl has a machete in her purse? that thing is longer than two phones! which means it could almost wound me!


Science Experiment of the Day: Georgia Institute of Technology engineering professor David Hu and his graduate student Nathan J. Mlot try to force a cluster of fire ants into a body of water so you don’t have to (although you may want to after seeing what happens when you try to force a cluster of fire ants into a body of water).

[antlab / reddit.]

Did anyone else spaz out at what the ants must have been thinking in this situation? Not that I think these guys are horrible cruel monsters for doing science; all I’m saying is don’t even think about watching Marley & Me in my house, or you’ll get empathy all over your nice clothes.

I got out of bed at 10 this morning and my chair was super wet. It had dried within two hours, so I can infer that it must have gotten wet right before I woke up… But my roommate saw nothing, and a look around the room didn’t reveal any clues. Seat didn’t smell like urine, (only farts,) so I crossed that off the list.

There’s no conclusion here. Maybe I sleepwalked? And managed to do nothing but dump an odor-less liquid on my chair?