Music Video of the Day: Is Tropical – “The Greeks”

MEGAFORCE direct the mega-awesome visuals for the second single off the London-based indie trio’s highly anticipated debut album Native To, out June 13 via Kitsuné.

Grab the MP3 here. Pre-order Native To on iTunes here.

[istropical / thanks frank!]

Look look something videogame/anime-influenced has approached the mainstream and collided the aesthetic with another one!

My work here is done.

light cup beer drink thin so chain neck turtle fat man i won’t say it again

Sleigh Bells, “Holly”

I’ve heard Sleigh Bells play this twice and both times assumed it was from an upcoming album. Instead it’s from their demo, 2HELLWU. Boy is there egg on my face. But then the egg gets blown right off by the fact that this song is fantastic and I don’t have to wait for an upcoming album to hear it again. Cheerleading singalongs and faltering huge guitar are at their best here. It kills even more live.


of all my tattoos- this little line is probably the most important

I share a similar sentiment! But that sentiment is unlikely to include penguin undies. (Whoah this is the first ever picture of my tat, managed to last a year and a half before I whipped it out)

Archer on a pet ocelot

“Okay, but on the way we gotta stop at a toy store and at least get him a stuffed animal. Something.”


“It’s like… Meow-schwitz in there.”