My mom is driving me home from a wake reception. A little trashed? Who knows

Mac Miller, “Best Day Ever”

This song just pulled me back from the leaning-my-face-on-my-knees swagger of being especially slizzed. Even though a ringtone beat drops at square one, just prior to the first chorus this song expands into something you’d expect to play as the opening of a fantastic mixtape. I’ve really enjoyed Mac Miller’s stuff this weekend, and I have the feeling that we’re headed for a summer of hip hop. keep bumpin.

Party dudes from Amsterdamn jus bumpin in North Georgia. America.

Young Prince, “Strange Times”

Mark me down as loving everything producer Brenton Duvall has put his hands on. He already pieced together mashups like some sort of futuristic-cyborg-Dr. Luke, and now he rocks this original beat for a Chiddy Bang sound-alike Young Prince. That’s far from an insult, in my book. Brenton vs. Xaphoon! CB vs. YP! Both can come out on top, and it sounds like these teams are makin magic and makin me write like a cheeseball.

I’m out for a few days so enjoy this in my stead.

Keygen Jukebox

I love feeling like I’m in a different Mega Man level every 35 seconds, and so this collection of |-|4><0R tag songs is pretty neat. It makes me wonder if every hacker team had a chiptune guy as a member just for these swizz beats.

Keygen Jukebox


Hot Joint of the Day: The Internet: An Abbreviated Timeline — May 1974: Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn publish “A Protocol for Packet Network Interconnection.” May 2011: Mr. Ghetto uploads “Walmart” video.

Five Minutes Later: Internet shuts down due to being over.

(NSFW, ladies of Walmart.)


I dunno about you guys, but I’m headin to Wal-Mart.

Cut Copy, “Take Me Over”

This trio has loosened up their dancey sound since their previous album, and lettin this stuff breathe has really done wonders for groovin. You really couldn’t ask for a better album opener than “Need You Now,” but “Take Me Over” doesn’t give up a single inch of ground. Get down.

This is for all you dudes out there who have attempted to enter your homes only to find that the ol’ ball n’ chain has locked you out of the house and sent your clothes to your mom’s house and is divorcing you. just a day on the grind yall.

(I’m posting this because I just realized that I only have the demo version of this song! What is this world coming to?!)