I’m not saying I’m better than anyone unless this is a not-losing-phone-competition in which case yeah I’m the goddamn champ.


Chiddy Bang, “Mind Your Manners”

I don’t really understand addressing one’s haters with anger or disgust— just blind them with your grin cause your life is better than best. Chiddy Bang serves up the sound of shinin’ right here.

So if I currently have 204 songs on my mp3 player and it’s set to shuffle all, the odds that I would hear the same song three times in a listening session of 60 songs is 1/300.

So either the shuffle function is flawed on every single Sansa mp3 player, or I’m so biased that I can’t accept that it’s random (in the face of statistics like the one above.) Sigh.

in case anyone was confused by that last tweet, I want to clear the air: I love the gays. wait does that make me gay? how do i navigate this


  1. All music that I put on it must be an entire album I have not heard.
  2. I can delete songs from it at any time, but cannot put previously deleted songs back on.
  3. The exception: I am allowed ten songs of my choice. This includes DJ sets. (In case I’m writing and need a familiar sound or I get really addicted to a single.)
  4. If I somehow fill up the player, I remove everything and start back from square one.
  5. The challenge is complete at August 1st, and my reward for completing is nothing.

This will force me to digest new music all the time and simultaneously weed out music I don’t like. If I attempt to “shuffle all” every time I use it, the process will move faster!

I urge you to join me.