I’m not saying I’m better than anyone unless this is a not-losing-phone-competition in which case yeah I’m the goddamn champ.

So if I currently have 204 songs on my mp3 player and it’s set to shuffle all, the odds that I would hear the same song three times in a listening session of 60 songs is 1/300.

So either the shuffle function is flawed on every single Sansa mp3 player, or I’m so biased that I can’t accept that it’s random (in the face of statistics like the one above.) Sigh.


Nero, “My Eyes”

Evidence that some songs just need to be played loud. You can’t even hope to keep the volume low on this one, so give in to your bass-er needs (heh.) It might be drum n’ bass, it might be dubstep; whatever it is, you’ll probably have a heart attack at the last drop.