I was being instructed by an Australian to make the incision down the “seatbelt line”

edit: another example of the Twitter import function spitting in context’s face. http://twitter.com/fmchubs

Just wanted to remind the population that soon enough a movie by the name of “Trans4mers” will be announced.

Hoodie Allen, “The Chase is On”

Look at all these earnest 20-something white people! I love Hoodie Allen, (yaaay a rapper who can write a hook,) and he has a mixtape set to drop in just a few days. This video is something of a herald.

I’m aware that I’ve ripped these videos straight from Hype Machine’s top 20, but I’m all about wading through the endless shitty dubstep to find the real gems so that you don’t have to! If you want to, then cool!

Also, a minor inspiration?

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, “Wings”

Get past the beat poetry-ish intro and you’re home free to a talented rapper who sounds like Sage Francis with a little less hatred. I’ll admit that his rhymes can be a little off, but doesn’t everything else (video included) make up for it?


Sane Cat Lady of the Day: Lynea Lattanzio, owner and operator of The Cat House on the Kings, has been in the business of rescuing cats for nearly two decades — and business is good.

The 12-acre no-cage, no-kill rescue sanctuary and adoption center is home to over 700 cats, with more being added daily. “I’m not crazy,” says Lattanzio, a surgical veterinary techinician by trade. “What I do is crazy.”

The Lady with 700 Cats airs on NatGeo WILD next Saturday, July 30th @ 10PM EDT.

[natgeo / bwe.]

As much as I love this sovereign nation of cats, I have to ask: why does every shot of a cat in a news report need meowing sound effects added in? It’s not like we have random party sounds blaring whenever a silent giraffe or manatee is covered in Planet Earth, so it’s not a matter of expectation.

#homelessmacgyver RT @diplo I hate it when i forget my towel to the gym and i gotta dry myself off with paper napkins in front of everyone