Facebook Timeline a ‘stalker’s paradise’: Mass exodus on the way?

This journalist is just trying to capitalize on fear. In a way, it’s cute, cause he’s modeling himself after the big boys on the 24-hour news cycle.

Though your individual privacy settings have not changed on individual posts, statuses and photo uploads, almost every other documented addition to content is to resurface for every user who has a Facebook profile.

Oh, so nothing has actually changed in terms of my privacy? Glad to hear that. No need for you to continue because that concludes i—

… The site has allowed us to update our lives with statuses and photos, video and other content each and every minute of the day.

Why, again, nothing has changed. Facebook allowed us to do that, and we chose to do it. We made a choice, because we are people with free will—

… Facebook has literally time-lined each and every status, photo, shared content, “likes” and every other interaction … in chronological and clickable format. That status posted via my BlackBerry in anger, or a comment I had long forgotten about which had caused a fight amongst my friendship group.

So the stuff you already hid stays hidden… And the stuff you didn’t hide is as visible as it has been.

In effect, Facebook has made ’stalking’ just that bit easier.

Actually since I’m friends with so many stalkers I just made a stalker list and hide them behind- maybe you shouldn’t befriend people who make you uncomfortable about shit you write on Facebook!!

Facebook has changed the rules on what the site truly represents. It would be like a private dating website becoming a public web directory of lonely people, and marketing itself as such.

If you take one look at that analogy, it crumbles apart like all so many other analogies ever written by Zach Whitaker, the author of this piece.

I, however, accessed the Timeline as soon as it was available to developers to see what all the fuss was about.

Only us developers know how to google “How to enable Facebook Timeline”, and the common layperson will not have the clicking skills necessary to complete the three minute process! May as well lay down and die now, because life is too difficult

Just as was with the Twitter old vs. new divide, at least the company gave the option to switch between the two as they ran concurrently.

If Facebook wants to keep its users without a massive drop in active users, at least they should consider ‘doing a Twitter’ and allowing the two to run concurrently.

The identical endings to lines makes me feel like I’m reading an especially wordy Rick Ross track. Great way to finish up the essay, Zach Whitaker!

In conclusion, maybe you shouldn’t do stupid things on Facebook. Maybe you STILL have the option to hide stupid things on Facebook. Maybe it’s so fucking easy to check out Timeline in advance (and go quick if you do! It’ll be activated soon!) But what I do know for sure is that if Zach Whitaker puts quotation marks around one more superfluous word, I’m gonna mail him a bag of bedbugs because—

okay whatever Zach Whitaker i’ll chill out just please don’t stalk me

Facebook Timeline a ‘stalker’s paradise’: Mass exodus on the way?

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