hey @OldLadyWhoCausedTheLeakInMyBathroomCeiling I hope you like My Chemical Romance on blast at 1:30am, cause I’m havin a great time.

This guy is humming and farting up a storm in the locker room shower. ooh a prolonged grunt!




You can share this, it doesn’t take long.

Sad that this only has 3,000 notes, but if a tumblr goes “missing’ but is just doing it for a joke it gets reblogged and reblogged. 

Sadder I’m not sure the media has picked up on this just yet…though I could be wrong.

Find this sweet little baby

Yo here’s a mention in the Times from two days ago, but I really reblogged this because I have never encountered a name like Jhessye before. Also, has anyone seen studio shots like these used in an Amber Alert? I feel like this says a lot, and not just about Jhessye.

Occupy Wall Street will crumble for the same folly as the realm of Westeros. WINTER IS COMING


Arthur Adams

Reminds me of Danger Girl and the rest of J. Scott Campbell’s work. This doesn’t feel like a pin-up one bit though— in spite of the turtle-rhino-bug-alien she’s bleeding out, she just seems so real.