A.V. Club: We’ve veered away from the episode, but this is the episode with the 20-second scene in Brazil. That was a soundstage, right?

Rob Corddry: Really? Did you see it? There’s no way that’s not Brazil!

AVC: Well, now I’m confused. When I first saw the episode, part of me was like, “Did they really fly to Brazil to just shoot this 20-second scene? ’Cause that would be a crazy…”

RC: If that was your reaction, that was exactly the kind of reaction we wanted to get. And your answer was, “Of course not ’cause that would be fucking stupid.”

AVC: But part of me thought that you were that crazy.

RC: Let me frame it in a way that would make it seem even crazier, more stupid, ’cause it was. We sacrificed things all season so that we could protect the money it would take to do that trip, which happened about a month after we wrapped. And, we had been editing for a month or so, so we had a rough cut of that episode and there was no need for that scene at all. No need. And it was 20 seconds long in an episode that was already running long. [Laughs.] There were so many reasons not to do that, and really it came down to two things. One, that people would appreciate that on some level, which it sounds like you did. Two, that it was reason to go to Brazil for four days on Adult Swim’s dollar. Not kidding. Also, the response to it was like, “Eh.” But lines like “The healing power of laughter,” test through the roof. And I say that metaphorically, we don’t actually test the show. But things like spending 50 grand to go to fucking Brazil, people are like, “Oh, yeah. I remember that I think.”

AVC: So to be clear: You really went to Brazil for a 20-second scene?

RC: We really went to Brazil.

AVC: You blew my mind.

This is why we do the Walkthrough series, to find out from Rob Corddry that, yes, Childrens Hospital really did go to Brazil to film a 20-second scene.

Children’s Hospital may be, more than Community, a TV show built entirely on lampshading. There’s a part of me that will always love lampshading more than marketability, so it’s heartening.

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