The first mayor who openly supports his own city’s Occupy Movement would blow this ish up. They need a politician more than a pop icon or philosopher (as much as I love them folks.) Imagine if protesters were graced with a park that they could occupy and build and build until other city politicians were forced to take note?

I’m beginning to see how this movement could make change. I’m also rambling in the few minutes before class as my Ritalin kicks me in the heart.

Wale, “Slight Work (feat. Big Sean)”

It’s hard for me to get out of the house on time most mornings, and usually I can blame myself. But this morning, every time I try to get into my routine and put on pants or something, I remember that this track is blasting and it compels me to bust out some dance moves. Whoops.

I think whoever’s waiting on me would understand, though. Diplo creates a march out of sirens and the “Cha-Cha Slide” melody, (which I’m pretty sure was a sample in the first place; anyone know?) while Wale and Big Sean plow through nearly four minutes of rapping with little time spent on chorus. I would love this to be a breakthrough hit for all of these artists… (I mean, I guess Wale’s big enough, but this is just too delightful.)

and i’m blowin up like bitches we went to school with

writing my TV pilot, just caught myself thinking “omg and those two characters can get married in like season 6” i’ve gone too deep. goodbye

pregnant NYU student in the library. hope your baby likes eating mushed up loan debt LOL jk I’m sure she’s rich as balls

“She’s hot and fun. Damnit, just when I had promised myself to never take another friend.”