Right now I think that the ultimate challenge of the writer is to convey as much of your message/image as possible without leaving anything open for interpretation. The more words that you use, the more chance of confusing the reader.

That’s why I get a tiny kick when I’m reading some literature and notice a sentence that’s a little too ambiguous. It’s like catching an evolved version of spelling and grammar errors (not that I’m beyond those, please.) It shows that I’m either learning or turning into a pedant. One of the two.

Courtesy of Chainsawsuit, where artist Kris Straub wrote a little bit more on this tumblr problem. The bit about it being seen as “inappropriate” to credit creators is very interesting— I think it has something to do with the design of tumblr itself.

thanks forty-something Wilbraham waitress for making me feel so welcome with your light touches and interest in my comedy career.

now the party don’t start til i walk out/ because when i’m in attendance all I do is shout/


Some of the hardest Bmore I’ve heard in a minute. This set is all over the place… I’m pretty sure that 15 minutes into the set several songs are playing at once and they aren’t even beatmatched. Who cares; every time I listen to Bmore I become more convinced that it takes more effort to produce and dj than any other dance music. The sheer amount of music happening impresses me a lot more than your typical dubstep chorus-wobble remix.

I just flashed back to a close friend of mine peeing on the windshield of a car from a scaffolding last night. it wasn’t who you’d expect.

Maluca! I showed my roommate the video to “Que Que” last night. So perfectly ridiculous— it’s almost like a Tim and Eric music video, but without the parody.