Twice in 2 weeks passing strangers have made eye contact, waved, and said hi with a smile like they know me. The weird part was my erection



Saturday, November 19 at 11 PM EST on Comedy Central

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Oh boy yay! Now everyone will hear my oddly specific laugh that I developed just for the recording of this special! Don’t mind that I was sitting alone! All alone! So very alone!

Indeed, Humphrey was blamed for killing calves on Els’ farm and occasionally escaped onto a nearby golf course. But Els took a playful attitude toward Humphrey’s exploits, explaining to the South African Press Association that the hippo just wanted to ‘brighten up his social life.’

From this article about a hippo mauling his owner to death.

If that’s how you “brighten up” your social life, you aren’t gonna keep many friends.

Because killing them is part of your tactics.

Johnny Foreigner, “With Who, Who and What I’ve Got”

Even though this has less of the crazy mish-mash and orchestration of Los Campesinos!, I can’t help but think I’ve accidentally turned on a song of theirs when this Johnny Foreigner comes on. I think the alternating sad-sounding male and female vocals contribute. Yelling proclamations of identity (“exactly what I’ve got!”) may have something to do with it. It could be the British accents. In the end, I’d bet it’s the same feeling of optimistic melancholy that they leave me with: sure, life is ridiculous, but good stuff happens in there.

fun game for Mike and I: pretending to succumb to hypothermia on public transportation. “I feel warm— just gonna take a little nap”

I just found a CD in this library copy of Much Ado About Nothing

It looks like someone slipped it in here for whoever was lucky enough (me?) to open the play next. I’d take a photo but old phone 😦

Tracklist and written notes:

Much Ado About Nada

  1. Lhasa De Sela, “Love Came Here” (Beatrice bitter over Benedick)
  2. The American Analog Set, “The Promise of Love” (Soldiers returning)
  3. Sparklehorse, “It’s A Wonderful Life” (End)
  4. Django Reinhardt, “Django’s Tiger” (Bull)
  5. Perfume Genius, “Lookout, Lookout” (Claudio over the grave of Hero)

I have to admit, even though this distracted me from the giant-ass research project that I picked the book up for in the first place, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

When I first heard about the story, I thought that Paterno’s mistake was only informing his superiors instead of the cops, and that those superiors went on to tell the cops themselves. But I assumed that happened last month. I had no idea that the allegations against Sandusky were made back in 2002, and that nobody told the cops.

Because nobody spoke to the authorities, Sandusky was allowed to run a summer camp for six years after. He had contact with boys aged between 9-15 on a regular basis. All this after a grad student had told those in charge that he witnessed Sandusky assaulting a young boy. He was fucking children.

And now Penn State students are clashing with police because they don’t want their coach to leave midway through the season for the minor crime of sheltering a pedophile.

I know we all really like our sports teams, but I’m pretty sure most of us like serial child-fuckers less.