I’m leaving the warm snuggly all-encompassing embrace of the internet for awhile.

So while I’m gone, here’s some of my favorite .gifs. They have all my personality.

And if it doesn’t work, I can’t exactly fix it until I’m back, so nards.

“Hey we’ve got a place to sleep it’s no problem you can stay at my friend’s car” – me on New Year’s


B.o.B, “Play The Guitar (feat. Andre 3000)”

Bobby Ray is barreling at full speed toward his second major release. First “Strange Clouds” with Lil’ Wayne, a slightly strange (surprise!) tune, but this, regardless of missing chorus, is poppy and fun. I dropped into my first listen at the start of Andre 3000’s verse and almost couldn’t take it from the top for my second. Threestacks walks all over this beat, managing to work in some product placement for Church’s Chicken, (seen in a vision, naturally,) a reference to himself as a silverback gorilla, and even some inspirational lines peripherally related to the title!

we at the corner of Get It To ‘Em and They Don’t Want It/

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