G-Eazy, “Lost in Translation”

I’ve been listening to G-Eazy a lot over the past few weeks— his flow is so easy to follow and he even has a couple of good thematic concepts for his songs (“Makeup Sex,” “Runaround Sue.”) I’ve also been listening to PON PON PON, one of the Japanese videos I threw up on here when I was delving into the seamy underbelly of j-pop vids.

I got to wake up this morning and find out that both of these musical interests of mine have somehow found each other. The world is a good place.

Lana Del Rey, “Off to the Races”

What the hell is she doing? This sounds like a straight up pop song. Miley Cyrus could have released it… Which is a good thing.

I’m just confused because I have no idea what her album is gonna sound like. I do have a sneaking suspicion that nothing will hit the levels of “Born To Die.” This beat is similar but is just a little too upfront. Her voice doesn’t have the same sadness here either.

Facebook Timeline only proves that I was still ranting about burritos three years ago. Doesn’t scupper any political campaign. prolly helps

RT @Horse_ebooks: “Regan, great news! I implemented your valuable advice from our last telephone

My two fave new songs right now are Born to Lose and Born to Die. Not a good month for birth

The Arcade Fire, “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”

I love music videos because they’re the only form of visual art that doesn’t really need meaning to it. Sometimes it can just be a bunch of shit you’ve never seen before in your life and never would see, and it turns out beautiful. It also helps when the song you use is the pinnacle of Arcade Fire’s discography.

Sleigh Bells, “Born To Lose”

I’m seeing Diplo for free tonight! Sleigh Bells has a new song out! It’s like as soon as this apartment starts winding down, everything is going right! Thanks confirmation bias!

These guys are masters of turning something loud and violent into a loving and caring feeling. Alexis sounds like a mom reassuring her child, and Derek just Godzilla stomps all over the house containing them.