This guy just showed up in my ticker as a new friend of a friend. I wish I had an intro beat for myself…

(But he is seriously from Iceland, the girl who friended him is there now.)

La Sera, “Please Be My Third Eye”

Chugging fuzz guitars offer a strong platform for the vocalist’s sweet come-hither lilt, begging me to be her third eye. I think those’re vibes contributing the hyped-up Jeopardy theme song of the bridge. Whatever; tonight is when I figured out that being asked to be a girl’s third eye is just about the cutest line I could hear. Let’s dance, shaking our heads back & forth and twisting our hips like it’s the 50s but punker.

when you sit beside me/ i can see much further/ than my own dimension/ i can’t wait much longer

Oh thank God, nobody’s dead.”
“Or … We’re all dead.

Luke responds to his mom’s entrance on Modern Family‘s 15th episode this season.

No matter how trite the plots may get, this show manages to whip out a few lines each time that stay with me. And they’re usually courtesy of Luke, who might as well be canon young Andy from Parks and Recreation.

Just Jam 44 — DJ Sega

This was broadcast live on Wednesday. Nearly 50 minutes of the top Philly Club producer right now, a dude I’ve seen in Brooklyn cause I’m a cool dude myself, Mr. DJ Sega. I’ve never heard of the Just Jam series, but I’ll be checking out some of their other segments after this. All I know is that the next time I clean my room, Sega and I are gonna have ourselves a little party/feng shui consultation.

Graffito is the singular form of the Italian graffiti, meaning “little scratch”.


Danny Brown, “Grown Up”

Such a chill bassline (Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” which was initially used in A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It”) doesn’t end up at odds with Danny Brown’s shrieks and yelps; rather, it helps make his unique style palatable and contributes to the nostalgia-fueled flow. You can download the track from the Youtube link — an uncensored version will be on iTunes sometime in the future.