La Sera, “Please Be My Third Eye”

Chugging fuzz guitars offer a strong platform for the vocalist’s sweet come-hither lilt, begging me to be her third eye. I think those’re vibes contributing the hyped-up Jeopardy theme song of the bridge. Whatever; tonight is when I figured out that being asked to be a girl’s third eye is just about the cutest line I could hear. Let’s dance, shaking our heads back & forth and twisting our hips like it’s the 50s but punker.

when you sit beside me/ i can see much further/ than my own dimension/ i can’t wait much longer

Oh thank God, nobody’s dead.”
“Or … We’re all dead.

Luke responds to his mom’s entrance on Modern Family‘s 15th episode this season.

No matter how trite the plots may get, this show manages to whip out a few lines each time that stay with me. And they’re usually courtesy of Luke, who might as well be canon young Andy from Parks and Recreation.