I found myself getting wrapped up in several comment arguments attached to this one article about racism on Grantland over the past… three days?? oh god seriously it’s been that long I almost want to stop writing about this in shame

BUT I had a critical realization last night: even if the people I’m arguing with are parroting well-worn generalizations and refusing to consider anything I write to them, as long as I keep questioning what I know and double-checking my sources and actively searching for supplemental knowledge to make sure that my own words are as airtight as possible, then I’m learning something. Even if we’re just circle-jerking around the same topics and talking points, as long as I step back and do some cursory googling on whatever is being spewed at me (and then make sure to read enough of whatever paper I’m quoting as a retort,) my brain has leveled up. Even if my convictions don’t win, I win in myself.

What a pleasant feeling.

(and then I got to write that I won on my tumblr so take that racist fuckers)

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